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Arcadian Updates, November 2021

This train keeps on rolling right along, and what that means for you is more Arcadian Updates! November's got another map and another class to show off with just a sprinkle of what's to come in the story of Arcadian Atlas, so let's get started, yeah?

Sub-Class Spotlight: Inquisitor

Infused with the power of holy light, Inquisitors are blessed with righteous and vindictive strength. Their unparalleled ability to slay the undead is only matched by their affinity for combating magic users, boasting an incredibly strong Magic Defense (MDEF). Additionally, Inquisitors offer boons and augmentations to their allies by serving as a beacon for their Grand Auras. Those that revel in these auras focus their training in the Aura of Light, turning the area around them into a flood of holy energy that helps and hurts as they choose. There are those, though, that channel their conviction through their bodies, following the path of the Holy Reckoning to mete salvation and justice by their own hand.

Inquisitors are focused on killing magic users of all kinds, with their MDEF providing a strong shielding effect to them as they wade through spells of all elements. This, however, leaves them vulnerable to physical damage, so be sure to keep melee and archers occupied while they wreak havoc in the backline! If your inquisitor is focused in the Aura of Light, keep them just behind your front line so the defenders can have a strong advantage as they hold the line (and occasionally step in to lay down an offensive aura)!

Map sneak peek:

At the foot of the Boultice Mountains rests the Oldwar Triage, a derelict area of respite and healing now becoming overgrown as nature reclaims the area. While the flora come to return the bloodied remains, so do the fauna, and the creatures of Arcadia have grown monstrous and vicious. As war and strife exhaust your party, will the land reclaim them, as well?

Oldwar is a gradual incline, as it sits at the foot of the mountains, but there are steep spaces along the path to position archers and mages, offering your forces an advantage. Make sure your ranged units are safe; open spaces make it easier for melee units to circumvent your front line, and as fragile as they are to physical damage, can be cut down quickly if you're not careful!

As we get into the holidays, the crew will be taking some time off from updates! No worries though, we'll be right back at it with more super cool stuff to show you in the new year! Y'all have a wonderful holiday season, we'll see you soon!

Twin Otter:

Serenity Forge:

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