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A Real Doozy of an Update

Hello hello, all~!

What's Shakin'?

It's been an absolutely INSANE sprint of keeping our faces to our monitors, knocking out milestone after milestone with the publisher. We're on a very tight timeline, but I'm super pleased to say we are actually slightly AHEAD of schedule at the moment. Because of this, we are excited to share with y'all that we are jumping a bit forward in our milestones & starting the storyboarding for a new trailer!! It has been ages since we put out a video and we're pumped to show ya all the cool stuff we've been working on. 

     The trailer is going to be huge for us -- pitching to various consoles and major game events! The pitch is also a big time for us because it means it's almost time to reveal who we are working with (*cough* not Epic *cough*) via a big ol' announcement! So lot's of cool stuff coming down the pipeline there.

And now, some game goodies!

AI, Pathfinding, Depth Sorting, ALL THE BUZZWORDS:

jump around!!

Item Shop & Outfitter Lookin' Spiffy:

Map Intro Flourish, Battle Win Conditions:

Loads of New Art, Particle Effects & Skill Animations:

Weather and field traps will play a large role in Arcadian Atlas. Here's a couple of the effects we've been cooking up!

light rain weather effects
heavy snow weather effects
ice shard attack
arrow pierce skill
dousing hit attack
noxious hit skill
low sweep attack


Initially the publisher & our team had some localization plans but then decided, why not let y'all tell us where to focus our efforts? Let us know your thoughts!

 The poll can be found HERE 

Which language are you most interested in seeing from us:





Brazilian Portuguese



Other (please specify)

And that's it for now! We'll see you guys next time~ 

Major Arcadian Atlas Update

First, we want to start out by apologizing for the long interlude between updates and progress reports. It wasn’t for lack of wanting to provide y’all with up-to-date info on the project -- And we are extremely excited to share what we’ve been up to with all of you.

Thanks to our amazing backers, the Kickstarter campaign afforded us the ability to do all we had promised: 

  • A fulltime year of work on Arcadian Atlas covered for Becca
  • Full game OST + sound design fees covered
  • Programming fees partially covered
  • Physical backer item production fees covered

Going into this, Becca & myself were aware that once the KS-funded dev period was up, we would be taking on day jobs/freelance gigs/contract work to pay the bills and cover the remaining programming fees while we moonlighted as developers for Arcadian Atlas. 

It was going fine... until about 1.5 years ago, when the team began to take hit after hit, suffering multiple job losses and freelance gig offers drying up. And that was before Covid-19 hit, when the remaining jobs and scant contracts we did have were swallowed up completely.

But this is not a sad update.

We needed to wait until we had 100% solid news (though we drafted an extremely sad update months back in the thick of the worst of it, but we refused to pull the trigger on it).

Now, after so much fighting for AA, we have an update we actually want to write - with news we really want to bring to y’all.

After many months & multiple pitches to a handful of talented indie game publishers, video calls and Covid-19 related funding hiccups, we are extremely excited to announce we have partnered with a publisher to cover the final stretch of Arcadian Atlas.

What does this mean for all y’all folks that believed in us and supported us before anyone else?


  • The team is now able to develop Arcadian Atlas full time all the way up to release. No day jobs, no contracts, no nothing stealing our focus from the game.

  • Additional platform support!

  • A publisher-level QA process means an even smoother experience for the final product.

  • Localization possibilities so we can bring Arcadian Atlas to a much wider audience across the globe!

  • Even more we’ve got cooking in the background—like more physical goods than you can shake a stick at!

  • Most importantly—a short production timeline. Kickstarter backers that funded the Early Access Beta Tier? The full game? Get ready, because we have further details to come!

We're still working out specific details with the publisher, and we hope to have more details for you all when we can make an official announcement!

To call it a shot of adrenaline for all of us is an understatement, and we’ve got our noses to the grindstone—pumping out animations, character portraits, the programming underpinning it all, and everything else that breathes life into the world of Arcadia—and we can’t wait to share it with you all soon!

Some much needed good news in the midst of this topsy-turvy world we’ve all found ourselves in.

In the meantime, let this encourage you to keep fighting for what you’re passionate about. Y’all keep healthy and socially distant, and please be good to each other. We’ll be here fleshing out Arcadia—fully masked, of course!


The Arcadian Atlas Team

The Flow of Battle

Welcome back everyone! This latest go-round in development has seen us focusing on the systems behind the systems - battle animation timing and effects, those pernicious status effects that can throw a wrench in your best plans, and unit animations.

In other words, the backbone behind everything!

So let's jump in with a look at some new battle animations:

Battle Timing

Every fight is made up of a slew of systems running in the background, from unit editors, equipment and stat systems, animation systems, and many more. We've been working on all of these, toying with the timing of attack animations and skill animations, like Poncho's powerful Smashing Shank:

And different skills have different effects, all which require precise timing on the animation side, like the Ranger's crossbow attack, which lacks the height advantages of a bow, but makes up for it in range and armor piercing ability:

Some encounters, like the classic dodge and counter below, require even more precise iterations on the animations and systems running in the background. This Kitsune with the blind status effect has even less chance of hitting, but little does he know that our Cavalier's shield lessens those odds even more.

Add in the counter attack reaction skill, and this enemy Kitsune never stood a chance. Which is honestly super sad because he's really cute.

I Don't Feel So Good...

Status effects - the good, the bad, and the ugly! They pose an interesting design challenge, especially as they begin to stack on your troops. As we've been designing visuals, we've also been deciding how best to visualize the callouts for status updates, as you can see below:

When only a limited number of afflictions apply to your characters, we'll have a standard single callout like these above, or below in a typical battlefield example:

This is to keep the information as clean as possible, while still having an at-a-glance view of effects.

But what if a soldier has more than five afflictions, both good and bad? Well in that circumstance, we're toying with a two-callout system, with positive effects in the upper right, and negative effects in the bottom left as seen below:

Of course, what good are callouts if you're not sure what each symbol represents? There will be a repository in-game of all status effects along with the symbols that go-along with them so new players can familiarize themselves with the status effects as they go. A few of our current iterations are below:

Royal Pains

Just because Vashti and Desmond work for Queen Venezia and her right-hand general, Wulff, doesn't mean they always have to like it. The Queen has been acting erratically of late, and ever since the King has fallen ill, rumor has it that Wulff and Venezia have been a little too chummy.

So we've been focusing on our Royal Pains, fleshing out their animations and prepping them for all the drama that's unfolding in Dantalion, starting with Wulff:

And of course, our regal lady, Queen Venezia, can't be bothered to sit on her royal bum all day. Last we heard she's been pacing around the castle, anxious about something. Perhaps it's her new animations and portrait? Or maybe something more sinister....

As always, we're plugging away and creating some unique character animations as well for our classes, fleshing out alternative attack patterns and exceptions to the normal play style, as with our Cavalier classes two-handed strike and shield block:

Oh wait... and that desert looks vaguely familiar. That's right, Becca's got some more assets added like those below, so Seco Desert is ready for fighting!

Until Next Time, Stay Cool!

It's starting to warm up out there for the summer, so as the desert heat sets in everyone stay safe and well refreshed! Kick your feet up in the air conditioning and in your free time, if you're anything like me, take a quick breather with your Switch.

Because Vashti and Desmond may be stuck in the desert, but that doesn't mean we have to be!