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Arcadian Updates, October 2021

Hello again folks, and welcome to the October 2021 Arcadian Update! The team continues to be hard at work building maps, adding classes, and setting up a whole world full of danger and intrigue! If all that sounds good, keep on reading!

Recruitment Center

Coming to Arcadian Atlas is the ability to recruit new party members! In a war-torn land, building your forces is key, and building your party's composition in a smart way can mean the difference between victory and defeat. At the recruitment center, you're able to choose from a pool of recruits to join your party, determine their class, rename them, and even get some special bonuses!

Although a pretty and relaxing area, this IS a recruiting ground for fighters from all different walks of life. Fighters? Small space? Nothing could go wrong.

Sub-Class Spotlight: Monk

Devoting their lives to rigorous routine and a pure focus on their training, Monks have abilities that can break through the defenses of even the hardiest of foes as well as reshape the battlefield to their advantage. Those that strike hard and fast are dedicated to the way of the Furious Blows, showing unrelenting aggression as their hits deliver a torrent of damage and various debilitating effects, even unto death. Some monks specialize in the mystical ways of the Arcane Energies, providing a versatile set of skills to enhance their party while striking at their enemies from afar.

In a tactical dynamic, Monks are great to have on the frontline alongside other melee classes, as they can gain a quick combat advantage by overwhelming opponents with slow effects and a large amount of damage. At the same time, Monks can also provide a major defensive advantage to other party members close by, establishing zones of protection for your forces and setting up a nigh-impenetrable front to keep enemies engaged!

Map sneak peek

In the mountains of Arcadia, Borneano rests as a city positioned on the slopes. Dotted by buildings and paved with walkways to traverse the map, the change in height provides a number of vantage points to rain down on enemies below. For those at the base level, a literal uphill battle awaits; with agile enough party members, the cliffs can be taken quickly, evening out the playing field!

The Twin Otter team's still hard at work developing the winding and arduous story of Arcadian Atlas. We can't wait to show more as time goes on, so stick around as we keep sharing more exciting updates! Until next time!

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