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A Real Doozy of an Update

Hello hello, all~!

What's Shakin'?

It's been an absolutely INSANE sprint of keeping our faces to our monitors, knocking out milestone after milestone with the publisher. We're on a very tight timeline, but I'm super pleased to say we are actually slightly AHEAD of schedule at the moment. Because of this, we are excited to share with y'all that we are jumping a bit forward in our milestones & starting the storyboarding for a new trailer!! It has been ages since we put out a video and we're pumped to show ya all the cool stuff we've been working on. 

     The trailer is going to be huge for us -- pitching to various consoles and major game events! The pitch is also a big time for us because it means it's almost time to reveal who we are working with (*cough* not Epic *cough*) via a big ol' announcement! So lot's of cool stuff coming down the pipeline there.

And now, some game goodies!

AI, Pathfinding, Depth Sorting, ALL THE BUZZWORDS:

jump around!!

Item Shop & Outfitter Lookin' Spiffy:

Map Intro Flourish, Battle Win Conditions:

Loads of New Art, Particle Effects & Skill Animations:

Weather and field traps will play a large role in Arcadian Atlas. Here's a couple of the effects we've been cooking up!

light rain weather effects
heavy snow weather effects
ice shard attack
arrow pierce skill
dousing hit attack
noxious hit skill
low sweep attack


Initially the publisher & our team had some localization plans but then decided, why not let y'all tell us where to focus our efforts? Let us know your thoughts!

 The poll can be found HERE 

Which language are you most interested in seeing from us:





Brazilian Portuguese



Other (please specify)

And that's it for now! We'll see you guys next time~ 

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