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Arcadian Atlas Prepares for Kickstarter

Focus. If someone asked me, "What is the most difficult thing about preparing a Kickstarter?" that would be it.

One of my managers once laughed at a job posting that read, "Must be able to multitask." She said, "Multitasking - good joke. Haven't we all learned that's impossible by now?" More and more I tend to agree with her.

Kickstarters are difficult precisely because there is too much to do and not enough time to do it in. No matter what precautions or preparations you make, roadblocks are going to crop up and you're going to miss something. But we're trying really hard, and working some crazy long hours because this is so important to us.

We wanted to share some of the different threads we've been chasing down in preparation for April 5th. This has been, and will be, our blood sweat and tears for the next couple of months.

Weaving a Tapestry

The elements are coming together slowly but surely, and we're so excited to share the rewards, stretch goals, and exhilaration of a Kickstarter with you all. Here are just a few of the things we've been busy badgers at lately:

  • Kickstarter Campaign - you know that huge block of text and images on every Kickstarter? Yeah, turns out that's a lot of work. We've been researching and writing and drawing and punching and slapping. Rewards, bios, story and class summaries - it's all in the mix!
  • Extended Trailer - we had such an amazing response from our teaser, and now we're extending and improving that footage for a longer trailer cut for the Kickstarter. Who knows, you may even see a bit of our goofy faces (but not too much. We're super awkward).
  • Community & Press - if you've seen our Twitters, you know we have too much fun on the internet. Community is what makes this all worthwhile, and we want to spread the word about Arcadian Atlas so more people can know about it. Every article, every follower, every tailored comment helps, and we don't take that lightly.
  • Gorgeous Art - oh man, if it isn't the title screen image or the new character designs or the monster designs Becca is working up, it's something else that completely blows me away. We're hard at work on gifs and stills that help draw people deeper into the world of Arcadia.
  • Music - Mortiz is tapping his toes and snapping his fingers to a few new beats for us all as well that we can't wait to show off!
So yep, it's all happening, and it's all happening soon! April 5th is just around the corner (and believe me, we feel it more than anyone :D)

Reach Out

Seriously, if you haven't added us on Twitter yet, WHY NOT? We LOVE talking with you guys. I mean, I have more fun in 5 minutes on Twitter than I do in 5 hours at my actual non-gamedev job. Please please please reach out to us, even if just to say hi!


Have particular rewards you really loved in previous Kickstarters? Let us know! This stuff is for you guys, so we want to do our best to make it a wonderful experience for the people who care most. Sound off in the comments or our Twitters - we'll listen!

Behind the Scenes

And if you haven't seen them, here are some behind the scenes interviews and podcasts about our lives, our game design ideas, and whatever weird stuff we happen to be thinking about at the time!

Interview with Becca and Taylor Bair - Black & White Productions

And that's all for now! Back to the ol' grindstone until we think of something else to post on the internet for all you lovely people!


  1. I'm so thrilled to see it all coming up nicely and taking shape! This is such an endearing project, one that I think the world of gaming needs. It's way too exciting and I'm happy to be a part of the Arcadian Atlas community! As a fellow dev, I wish you the best! As a gamer, I'm really looking forward to playing the game! And as a fan, you'll have my unending support!

    Happy dev'ing!

    1. Ricardo, you always make me smile with your support! Appreciate you brother, and we're working hard to make the game we've wanted to play for a long time too, and are super happy about sharing more as the weeks move on!

  2. I'm wishing you guys the best of luck! I know things are going to be tough, but you guys can make it. (You seem to have a lot of support already, in fact I'm a bit envious :P. We're trying to get everything ready for a crowdfunding campaign too though not on KS. I'm hoping to launch it on April 15th but it'll really depend on how long it takes for us to put together a trailer and such. Going to be honest for as excited as I am to launch and get the community involved I'm completely terrified, not because our game isn't one people would love but that people simply won't hear about us to even know to support us. You guys are doing great, I hope I learn a thing or two from watching you. Kick some butt!

    1. Got those butt kicking boots on! I'm just a bit worried that all the butt is going to ruin the leather. That smell doesn't come out, you know?