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Old Maps Are Out + Arcadian Atlas Newsletter

This gif, though carefully dressed with decorative plant life & painstakingly captured, was the nail in the coffin for our mapping engine. The graphical jitter and the "something seems off" ground and wall textures caused by the 2D to 3D conversion mapping engine just weren't going to work for us or for the game.

We've been working with Martin (aka GubiD), the creator of the GTBS engine Arcadian Atlas utilizes, to bring an entirely new, limitless mapping engine that will allow for pixel-perfect map textures and beautifully lush maps a la FFTA-2 but will be capable of more interactivity/exploration options. This is exciting news for Arcadian Atlas so we hope you guys will stick around to see what we have in store for the game next!

In the meantime...




Hold on to those resumes, we've got an important Arcadian Atlas musician announcement to make soon!

And in other news...

You can now also find out about the most important Arcadian Atlas news via our email newsletter!

No spam, just things like the musician announcements, future crew member additions, Greenlight/Kickstarter releases, and demo & official game release announcements will be sent to you.

Thanks for tuning in. Check back soon for more.

Until next time, folks!

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