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FFT Final Fantasy Tactics Battle

We have been busy at work ever since out first #ScreenshotSaturday post! The focus has been mostly on creating the necessary art assets for the first few battles & cutscenes, as well as gathering ideas for possible game names.

Google Docs come in handy for the exchange of possible game names since our team is spread across the U.S., and I've found booze can help with the mind-numbingly repetitive act of drawing animation frames on top of the existing template for each & every job class.
Just kidding. Sort of.

The next month will be spent doing much the same, so enjoy the spamming of pretty things (& expect more to come!):

Fire Emblem

Tactics OgreDisgaeaBanner Saga

Vandal Hearts

Breath of Fire


  1. As a pixel artist and animator, I would say that sword slash needs some work. Her anatomy is very odd, especially her legs and arms. Just offering some critique here, but I would just do the swing motion yourself in a mirror (or better yet, record yourself on your phone) and study it. You will find your leg moves back, not to the side and your front arm will point in your facing direction, not off to the side. You might have a tile size that constrains how much space the sprite can be, but working inside that space is often half the fun of pixel art. Good luck with your project.

    1. I told her the same - rather like she's slipping on a banana peel XD. But we're working on it because we can't have our leading lady sliding around with swords flailing all over the place. Just wouldn't be prudent.

    2. i know best! i know best! i know best!

      just kidding. i am still a newer student to the art of animation so there's still much to improve upon. i'll keep plugging away to try & get Arcadian Atlas looking as polished as possible!