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A Hero Emerges

Tactics RPG Female Knight Concept

Maybe it's my artist mind, but I can't plug endless hours into something if it isn't pretty. Because of this, I am knocking out a lot of the major art assets I'll need for my game right from the start. Things like male & female human sprite templates and the concept art come first.

Nude ladies! Nude dudes! Nude sword swing animations!

I've been drawing lots & lots of naked people.

isometric female sprite template
NSFW ... sorry guys.

Once the main walking template was done for the female, I got to work concepting my game's hero.

Since she will be a higher-up in the royal army (haven't fully established what the military ranks will be called yet) I had to consider how a showy group like the royal family would probably want their military uniformed. I went with rich fabrics in exotic, jewel-toned hues and opted for a practical, perfectly messy french braid as the hero's hairdo of choice.

Once her concept art was complete, all that was left to do was create her in-game sprite, text box portrait, and give her a name!

 Vashti Dahlman

Isometric Tactics RPG Knight Sprite
Tactics RPG Female Knight Text Portrait

And suddenly, a hero was born!

What's next for Vashti? In the next blog entry we've got some friends & a love interest for her to meet, as well as some baddies for them to fight. We will also be participating in our first official #ScreenshotSaturday this week, so stay tuned for an in-game screenshot of all the progress thus far!

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  1. I like this as much as chicken fried, a cold beer on a Friday night, and a pair of jeans that fit just right.

    This country deserves more people like you.