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Dev Blog Beginnings

As 2014 came to a close, I began evaluating what I had accomplished that year. I managed to leave my day job at the office & had (mostly) gotten the hang of doing freelance game art as my career. I had a ton of new portfolio pieces to add to my website and my resume was bursting with impressive job titles & experiences.

Ragnarok Online

Professionally I was doing well, but I couldn't shake the feeling that I wasn't reaching my full potential. As much as I truly enjoy bringing to life the game visions my clients' see in their heads, there is something so rewarding about creating art for yourself. I could remember back to when I was in grade school, furiously working away on maptiles & character sprites for my pet project 'Genesis' during the brief summer break. The drive to create a project that was so completely my own was even stronger than my desire to indulge in summertime late-night gaming sessions or outdoor activities. It was a yearning I hadn't felt in a long, long time. I wanted to make my own video game.

Genesis, my game made using the OHRRPGCE game engine

And so the search began. I needed a game genre I could actually envision myself completing & an engine I would be able to comprehend with my painfully right-brained mind.

My not-so-secret game dev dream is to be the lead artist for an MMORPG, but it would be painful to try tackling something so large in scale as my first real project. After much delving and discussion, I finally landed on the Tactics RPG genre. I have always loved tactics style battle mechanics in games and it was readily apparent when searching the net that other people felt my same desire for a spiritual successor to the Final Fantasy Tactics series. Once I stumbled upon GubiD's Tactical Battle System for RPG Maker VX Ace it was clear my dream Tactics RPG game could actually become a reality even with my programming handicap.

Final Fantasy Tactics

With my new goal in mind the past two months of 2015 have been spent learning the GTBS engine, creating art assets, concepting job classes, studying game dev, and working out the plot & gameplay elements via GoogleDoc with the aid of my brother Taylor Bair & my husband Brandon.

I will be updating my progress here regularly, so stay tuned for screenshots, sprites, concepts, game dev musings & more!

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