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Scenario Editor and Items Galore!

Welcome again to another excitement filled look at the development of Arcadian Atlas!

This time we've got some updates on our Scenario Editor for Arcadian Atlas, the backbone of our transition from the world and cutscenes to battles, along with a heaping helping of items we've got in the works. So without further ado.....

Scenario Editor

Think of the Scenario Editor as the system that glues all the other systems together to make a battle - items, skills, random enemy stats, not-so-random enemy stats, player stats, and even allies (characters who pop in, but aren't technically on either side permanently).

Player Placement with the Scenario Editor
Squad placement? Yep, that too is handled by the scenario editor, as you can see above. Each battle, even random fights, are handled by the scenario editor, and each map is built to take advantage of various Enemy/Player deployment points to vary your strategies.

Enemy and Ally Placement with the Scenario Editor
Once deployed, this battle would look something like:

But Wait, There's More

You probably were noticing a lot of other options on the right half of the Unity screen above. That's because the Scenario Editor handles a LOT of information. Not least of which are things like:

  • Player, Enemy, Ally placement locations, names, starting status effects, and AI guidelines.
  • Random Enemy Generators, complete with options for random class, stats, skills, and items based on character level.
  • Story Beats - are there story moments in a battle? Before a battle? Yep, all handled here.
  • Field Effects - is it stormy, clear, particularly dark and spooky out? Look no further!
  • Rewards - ah, sweet sweet loot. We can tweak rewards from this section for each encounter, so you make that hard-earned cash!
  • Battle Conditions - how do you win or lose a fight? Defeat all enemies, just one big bad, or take out a group of dangerous mages? You can have multiple options for each!
A myriad of options handled by the Scenario Editor

Constructing the Castle: Items

Because the Scenario Editor is such a huge undertaking, we're focusing on it in sections. Next up is getting our items fully functional so they properly feed into the stats for the character generator, which of course means Becca's been hard at work on some gorgeous item icons for us:

And looks like someone already found something on their first outing into battle:

Item Design Backers: Start Your Engines!

You know what that means, right!? All our super-backers who came in at the Boot, Helmet, and Accessory Design level get to start the design process for some extremely rare and unique items! Over the next two weeks they'll be receiving messages from us to start the design process, and we couldn't be more thrilled to see your creativity in the game!

So to send us all out with some extra creative juice, here are some sample items we've got planned for the game:

And until next time, keep it classy all you gamers! Keep it classy!

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